Spanish Honeynet Project


HoneySpot: The Wireless Honeypot - Jan, 2008

Monitoring the Attacker’s Activities in Wireless Networks, a design and architectural overview

A paper to create awareness and help to guide the deployment of wireless honeypots, mainly centered on 802.11 (WiFi) technologies. The paper is focused on providing a design and architectural overview for the deployment of wireless honeypots, coined as HoneySpots.

Scan of The Month 32 Write-up - Oct, 2004

In this paper we analyze the malware provided for the Scan of the Month 32 released by the Honeynet Project in September 2004. The paper contains not only the answers to the questions of the challenge but also a detailed explanation of the methods and tools used to do the analysis.

Installing a Virtual Honeywall with VMware - Sep, 2004

If the Honeywall CDROM is installed on a virtual machine, it will also include the many advantages that a virtual machine environment offers. This paper explains how to go about configuring VMware to deploy a Honeywall.

Building a GenII Honeynet Gateway - Aug, 2004

This is a short guide to build a GenII Honeynet Gateway, also called a Honeywall, under Linux, broaching the most common problems and providing several solutions and tips.